Saturday, June 25, 2016

The GREAT Physician

Hello followers!  I greatly apologize for my absence.  Not only is it my fourth semester here on the island, it has been a true test of my faith.  This semester is the semester of joy because you finally get the feeling that you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It's when you can say you're moving back home even though it is really a move to Chicago, IL for the next two years of your life.  But I will say that I am grateful for all of it.  The road of life was never meant to be a straight road into the sunset because then there would no purpose for trials and tribulations that present as the curves, hills and bend in the road.

A few weeks ago, I posted that I was unable to talk about what was going on.  Before then, it was joy from passing my cumulative exams.  After passing those exams, I was involved in a parking lot accident.  I backed into another car that was coming into the parking lot.  Just a little advice: look up some of the laws or have really good friends who know the laws very well in another country.  In the US, the fault would be the individual driving forward and not the person reversing but that isn't the case here.  Too bad, I didn't learn this was the law until two weeks later after talking with many individuals including the police who never informed me of such a thing.  But that now is resolved and insurance will take care of it.

In other news, I began studying for classes after that and finished the last season of Grey's Anatomy.  I treated myself to some snacks and buckled down studying.  This semester is mostly a review semester because not much material is actually taught.  Well let me rephrase that.  We have a big class that consists of mostly review and then the other three small classes we learn bit by bit.  I would say we have a bit more free time due to the lack of busy work that is required this semester.  Overall, I like it although it seems a little harder than the others.  Maybe because we're so close to the part where we start to study for Step 1 but I don't know.

Everything was starting off well into the semester and then I received a phone call.  My youngest brother was involved in a motorcycle accident.

You can never predict how the path in life is going to go.  You can plan to go straight but who's to say that God won't have turn left to turn right later to get back on track.  It would have been nice to know that this semester would be like the others and only thoughts of passing my classes but it didn't work like that.

My brother was driving to see his great grandmother when a vehicle turned in front of him.  He only rode a motorcycle to save on gas.  My brother doesn't speed and doesn't attempt any tricks on his motorcycle.  He just left from visiting his uncle's house.  Even routine things can turn into disaster.  My brother is now recovering from a traumatic brain injury.  I think the part that hurt the most is knowing exactly what the doctor was saying because of all the classes I've taken.  Afterall, I know that physicians are not gods.  Plus I know who the great Physician is!  So I continue to pray for my brother in his recovery.  It seems thus far, it is at the pace of a turtle however.

So after flying home unexpectedly and the cost of moving to Chicago from Atlanta, my life is looking pretty swell.  I knew this journey would come at the cost of bad credit, threatened relationships and other things.  Never would I have predicted this.  Because this is my last semester and I know I probably won't be back on the island for a very long time if I decide to come back, I am trying to experience as much as possible.  Unfortunately it may hurt my pockets but I will have some good experiences and food while I am at.

Mmmm.  Breakfast!
Seven weeks from today, I will graduate from the island and receive my white coat.  The excitement I feel is beyond my wildest dreams.  I am very anxious about what the future holds for me.  I am excited to see what the Lord will lead through in Chicago.  The price of apartments could be depressing but on the other hand, it is the chance to be a plane ride away from loved ones.  Now, it is a plane ride with layovers that add up to over 12 hours most of the time.  Just being able to hold family in your arms is always de
sired.  My maternal-grandma, grandpa and boyfriend will be present for this special day.  I will be sure to post a link on all social media about viewing the ceremony online.  It will most likely be starting around 4 pm as the other traditional programs have began.

I want to thank everyone who has crossed my path to this point.  To the people that have helped me in any way, shape or form thank you.  Even if it was as small as a like on Facebook or Instagram.  It is all appreciated.  "To those closer ones, love that is ever steadfast."  I think at this point, I can say I have made you all proud of me for the journey this far.

I apologize to all of those that I may have acted differently towards but everyone grieves differently.  I shut down and didn't want to talk.  I just miss having my friend to talk to every now and then about how life is supposed to go.  Also about the surprises he had in store for our parents.  I guess it's all on hold now.

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.
-Romans 12:12, NLT

Monday, June 6, 2016

Update on Life

Sorry I haven't updated in a while.  Life really got to me.  The devil keeps trying to get me but the angels from God keep saving me time and time again.  I will give more details as to what is going on in my life later.  But this post is just to state that I am alive and well.

No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.
-John 1:18, KJV