Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Carnival Should Never End

This August, I experienced my first Carnival.  Carnival is the first week of August here in Anguilla.  I have never seen so many people here since I've been here.  It is an experience that is worth it mainly if you are a tourist and not as a student.  It all started with the J'Ouvert parade on August Monday.  It is a national holiday so many stores were closed and of course there was no school.  The J'Ouvert parade started around 4 am.  Many students participated but since this is medical school and we don't sleep a lot, I took the opportunity to sleep in.  The parade starts in the Valley and continues to Sandy Ground.  On Google Maps, it may not seem that far but if you take into the account the hills that one would have to walk, you may change your mind.

At Sandy Ground, there was a concert featuring a lot of Caribbean artist that performed throughout the day and night.  I did go see Beenie Man perform a little while and saw a lot of people.  It was a fun experience but I will say that I should've been home studying.

The next day, we had class and there were a few students that needed a nap in place of class that day from the night before.  I really don't like the idea of skipping class because in a way it is a waste of money.  But I must say that I have learned my lesson.  I articulated in my presentation my portion very well and continued as usual throughout the rest of the day.

We only had class that week on Tuesday and Wednesday so the extended weekend gave an opportunity to either make use of it or waste it.  I could my opinion on how mine went but I rather make you think I make smart choices.

I just thought that I would add that next week starts exams and next Saturday, I will begin my journey home to see my family.  I am more than excited.  The only thing standing in my way are these exams!